Average 50+ white guy. Husband, father, friend, community member. Smart enough to appreciate life, Wise enough to question it, Dumb enough to seek answers.

“Life on the back side”

“Life on the Backside” refers to those of us past our physical and mental prime. Intent on creating an open and honest conversation not only about how our bodies might be turning on us or how goals and beliefs have gone unmet or ignored. More importantly, how we are remaining vital and engaged, how we are facing a changing world and making our way through it. How things that seemed self evident and true may have placed us in positions we find uncomfortable now. Not about blaming the past or accepting the way things were but looking to be better, to understand the world we are in now. We are no longera 13 year old in 1980 but a 54 year old in 2020.

So, that’s not exclusivley masculine. But a page for men. That came from a search of websites that could help me, Rob, navigate my age, life and the world around me. So many of the sites I came across focused on rock solid abs, lasting longer in bed, meeting women and so on. When the conversation got deeper it seemed to focus on things not emotional or vulnerable. And consisistantly with a lack of introspection.

This website will hopefully be beneficial by sharing the life it’s founder, of Rob Herrmann. And in time grow beyond myself and into something of it’s own. Much of this will be written by me, I hope to have guests as things progress, but as I sit here now, it’s me. But beyond just me at the same time, maybe we can strike a chord within you.

Rob Herrmann

Work in Progress