His oppositional attitude is getting the best of him…

and me. I think I have some growing to do.


A quick daily take and observation of Nate and his ability to be the most argumentative child. It’s a Friday, a beautiful Friday. Typical fall in The Black Hills of South Dakota. Nate wanted to have a new friend over. This is the first time for this boy to come over and Nate was excited.

We thought of things to do and had a plan. Knowing that Nate could be extremely negative and oppositional I mapped out the afternoon early in the day, on the way to school actually. That plan included a short hike around Lookout Mountain, nothing extreme. Just a time to get outside and do something a little different and to assure a lack of boredom.

As we rode bikes home with Nate’s new friend, the negativity started and I could see it ready to erupt. Maybe I’m learning a bit or accepting that I can’t just make things work for him. Perhaps he needs to lose a few friends and find himself alone a bit.

That’s all, brief and to the point, trying to get back to this ‘Almost Daily’ thing. To get a bit more in depth about Nate, take a peek at My boy, anxious & oppositional.