Whoop, a long view.

Average 50+ white guy of mostly southern Italian heritage with a healthy dash of West African & Iranian. Husband, father, friend, community member. Smart enough to appreciate life, Wise enough to question it, Dumb enough to seek answers.

Whoop, It’s time to say good-bye

It had been 6 months and I’d decided it was time to look at an alternative to Whoop. After 1 month with that alternative, side by side or wrist by wrist in this case, I can say definitively, good bye to Whoop. Where did this come from and what did I end up going with? I said in the beginning with the first post in this series that this would be a regular guy look at the Whoop, so I’ll wrap it up briefly and in simple terms. I actually did like the Whoop. Whoop changed the way I viewed…

Whoop, briefly on Heart Rate Accuracy

The third installment in my long review of the Whoop Wristband. A brief opinion the accuracy of wrist based heart rate and effects on HRV. My review is from a regular % guys standpoint, boiled down to the simple information I was looking for when I did my research

Whoop Strain & Sleep Coaches Unlocked.

End of the first week with Whoop. So I’ve gotten to the point where the Whoop Strap has unlocked the strain coach, day 5, and the sleep coach, day 7. Rather than research the hell out of Heart Rate Variability (HRV) and hope that after much consternation I’d come up with decision if HRV was even right for me much less if the Whoop Strap was, I went for it. After some limited education on both HRV and Whoop I decided that I would get to it. Less thinking, more doing! Perhaps I could be of benefit to you in…

So it’s here. Day One. Whoop.

I was curious about Whoop and HRV in general. Reviews were all pretty positive on the product, the concept of tracking heart rate variability seemed pretty intriguing to me, all be it a bit vague. Just how a regular person would benefit from this technology was something I was not too sure of as was the idea that this wouldn’t be something that a dedicated pad and pen couldn’t accomplish. Research is one of the best ways people can keep from making a decision. In fact, the phrase, “I’m researching that” or “I’m looking into it” is pretty much the…