Over 50 & Counting.

Average 50+ white guy of mostly southern Italian heritage with a healthy dash of West African & Iranian. Husband, father, friend, community member. Smart enough to appreciate life, Wise enough to question it, Dumb enough to seek answers.

Fifty and Fit & Hating High Aerobic and Anerobic Workouts

Weights, Attitude & Rate of Perceived Exertion [RPE] Slow Rollin’ & Strollin’, how can I be fit beyond fifty like this? That is how I would best describe my summer of riding and running. I’ve been proud of my aging body and my level of fitness at fifty. And in previous years worked hard to […]

Fit at Fifty

Who is Rob and what is it fit at fifty? Half Life was supposed to be about me, living on the backside of fifty, trying to be fit and understanding the world around me. What my body is doing to me and how I’m dealing with it. What good training is and how, as a […]