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Average 50+ white guy of mostly southern Italian heritage with a healthy dash of West African & Iranian. Husband, father, friend, community member. Smart enough to appreciate life, Wise enough to question it, Dumb enough to seek answers.

Fatherly’s 2020 list of coolest dads

It’s hard to be a kid, it’s also hard to understand the impact we as fathers have. Not only how we treat them but also our life-partners, people around us, friends and foes. I think perhaps my biggest job is that in the current environment of cynicism, tribalism and downright hostility towards those we disagree […]

Did you drink too much last night or are you getting old

The former reason a for, perhaps, forgetting what your class schedule was for the day or what building your class was in. The latter, possibly a reason for why you can’t remember why you went into the kitchen or where your car keys are. Ok so you likely did drink too much in your youth […]

Saying Less

I struggle with knowing when enough has been said. When my point is made and let the silence be. Allow my comments to settle in with the listener and not over explain. I’ve always felt that if I didn’t personally keep the interaction moving it would die and that would look bad for me. Most […]