Reconnect…. or just disconnect.

We hear it so often that it’s a cliche. But seriously, reconnect. Not for some podcast psych advice, not because your wife would like you to, but because you should. Do it for no damn reason. It’s not connecting if you are intentional about it. It’s just another fucking task.

With no distractions, left to your own thoughts there is no where to go, no place to run from what’s in your own mind.

I’m sitting here writing this a full day of isolation on trail and in an area with no mobile service what so ever. It’s one of the reasons I like to escape to wilderness areas. A work day. A partner who needs to run everything by me and clients who think they are my only client. And me who just might be hiding from reality by looking to work as a relief from it all.

But what did I do? I drove as far as you can get into the Big Horn Mountains, the edge of the Cloud Peak Wilderness. There I dropped my home-built overland and set off on an epic hike with my 19 year old daughter, Angelina and our dog, Axle.We visited subalpine lakes, trudging through snow not yet fully out from spring warmth. We pushed our bodies for no other reason than to see what going a little further had to offer.

We talked as a father needs to talk to his grown daughter. I learned a little more about the woman she is becoming and as she is an adult, I shared more about me than I had in the past.

I’ve digressed from talking about the need to be who you are with the talk of my daughter. But now, after cooking dinner together, we sit here reading, enjoying our time. I want to post about the glories of the Big Horns but stopped to think… as we sit here watching the sun set behind the snow capped mountains. I have no idea what happened at work today. The important thing is that I actually don’t care. I need to let other people accept responsibility and not rely on me.

So today I was me. I was with my daughter who is becoming friend and confidant, but I was me. There will be a Monday soon enough to worry about work and anything else that technology has made an emergency that needs to be addressed immediately .