Feeling pretty content today. It’s early Sunday evening, and I’m sitting in my favorite lounge chair with my laptop and a beer, a raddler as it’s a spring kind of day. Taking a few minutes before lighting the BBQ to start dinner.

There was nothing epic about the weekend. Even the choirs I did were really nothing more than tying up loose ends. I didn’t do anything extreme with any of the kids, didn’t go out with my wife and friends. But I closed out some things that needed doing and I even managed to get in a long ride yesterday and a pretty good run today.

SO, why am I even mentioning this? Well…. It’s hard for me to accept ‘content’. Like somehow if I didn’t make a memory this weekend than it was not worthwhile. I must have wasted some opportunity that I had no idea existed. So, here I am, giving myself a break.

As I started this post, feeling pretty content. For that, I’m grateful and pleased.