How accurate is our perception of any given event? How accurate is someone else’s? People say there are three sides to a story; yours, theirs and the truth. On top of how we may remember something or perceive it what else do we too often do? Assume the intention of others. Like if you were ‘wronged’ by someone, did you hang a negative intention around their neck? Even for the simplest of things, the smallest of infractions?

In the experiences of a day I cannot imagine not making assumptions, I think its just part of the process of making decisions. But what if we looked at the surrounding people a little differently? A simple idea of this would be that guy who cut you off on your drive to work. He’s not necessarily a selfish jerk, and he doesn’t have to be someone who slighted you. He could simply be someone who had a rough morning getting the kids off to school and is facing a tough day a work. Distracted, he simply made a mistake. It doesn’t forgive the infraction. But what it does do…. for you actually… is it doesn’t become something that needs to change the course of your day for the worse.