So, following up, how did it get to this? Almost 2 months with no posts?

I started this blog as an idea that had been a long time coming. It would be an opportunity to get through the hard times we all face, rather than hide from fear and obligation I would take it head on. The best way to do that would be to write about it. I’d face my fears and potentially help someone by being honest about what was going on with me.

The last several weeks haven’t been too good for me, and the sum of it all was greater than need be. For one simple reason, I hid. I let things build and pile up. I neglected my reality. Gone as the early rise and facing the challenges of he day, often by writing first thing. Back was years of getting up and hiding in a show that I could binge thanks to Hulu. Back was burying myself in my business, even though it didn’t need me, but it was a way to hide from the day to day of life.

Facing age and the coming professional irrelevance leading to limited income, the kids, the house, my wife, friendships and a city council seat began to weigh me down. It’s no different than what happens to us all. And don’t you hate when people look and say to just work through it? Opinions are easy when you’re not the one execute them.

So it exhausted me. And I abandoned the thing that was to help me work it out. The idea of putting it out there. Not that I didn’t think of great things to write. Just that when it came time, I would rather watch TV or sleep in. Clean the garage over and over rather than take care of the myriad of choirs needing attending. Play online backgammon when it got exceedingly hard with the kids.

Sound familiar? SUre it does, I know I’m not unique. To a lesser or greater extent we all encounter it. Right now, I’m going to say that for me it has to stop.

I wanted this blog to be something special. I’ve cleaned some obstructions, like city council and am ready to face the tasks that need attending. And that includes writing about my life or things I feel relevant to guys our age.