Fatherly’s 2020 list of coolest dads

It’s hard to be a kid, it’s also hard to understand the impact we as fathers have. Not only how we treat them but also our life-partners, people around us, friends and foes. I think perhaps my biggest job is that in the current environment of cynicism, tribalism and downright hostility towards those we disagree with it’s how we treat others; for themselves and their ideas.

Being a father, or parent in general is not easy. Like much in life we learn through mistake. That really sucks because theoretically we never get to improve. But we can improve as we learn and share experiences. As a father of 19yr old twins I felt I was in the dark and alone. We were a fledgling generation of men that wanted to be involved and engages, a partner. But were limited in places to turn, that were for us. Fatherly is a site I’ve come across in my own experieces with starting this blog.

Their article on the dads of 2020 is diverse and a fun read of what makes us as care givers important in ways beyond the time specifically spent with our kids.