Did you drink too much last night or are you getting old

The former reason a for, perhaps, forgetting what your class schedule was for the day or what building your class was in. The latter, possibly a reason for why you can’t remember why you went into the kitchen or where your car keys are. Ok so you likely did drink too much in your youth and maybe that is the issue now… but what if it’s that sometimes we just forget? Getting old doesn’t mean intellectual insignificance, and can mean experiential intelligence that can only come from… getting old.

Half-Life is about a lot of things but they all do focus around being fifty-plus. I really enjoyed this podcast, found it enlightening and somehow satisfying. Enlightening to the fact that I never realized what happens to our brains as we age. The physical effects of aging but also the benefit of repetitive information and knowledge through experience. Satisfying in that we can ‘slow’ aging by understanding what makes us age cognitively and how to stay relevant. Give the podcast a listen,