So it’s here. Day One. Whoop.

Whoop, Heart rate variability, HRV

I was curious about Whoop and HRV in general. Reviews were all pretty positive on the product, the concept of tracking heart rate variability seemed pretty intriguing to me, all be it a bit vague. Just how a regular person would benefit from this technology was something I was not too sure of as was the idea that this wouldn’t be something that a dedicated pad and pen couldn’t accomplish.

Research is one of the best ways people can keep from making a decision. In fact, the phrase, “I’m researching that” or “I’m looking into it” is pretty much the death blow of inaction. The wristband is free and there is a 30 day cancelation so I thought, “why not?’ Research over, it was about 35 minutes sitting on the couch honestly, but done. Let’s get started.

Not an athelete’s view of the Whoop, just a guy. Like you.

I’m 53yrs old with 19 year old college twins, a 6 yr old in kindergarten and a small business that is unpredictable regarding time constraints. Add to that being on city council in my town, a short attention span, too much enjoyment of a good old fashioned AND a desire to be every bit the father to the young one as I think I was to the older two. Working out is a silly concept for me and is something that gets in the way of doing what I actually like to do. So getting outside and doing is my way of staying in shape. I’ve already alluded to my enjoyment of alcohol, add to that a regular lack of sleep, a body that hates me almost as much as I hate it and you know, honestly, I like to sit around outside as much as I like to do things outside. What does all this mean about me? That somehow I’m different than you? Nope. I am you. For whatever reason, we are all in that same boat. A shit ton of good ideas, best intensions and a complete lack of prioritization…

I’m wondering if the Whoop will serve as a stimulus to make good life decisions and encouragement to engage in activities that benefit my health. I’m not your typical guy who reviews a product but what I am is like you…. well not completely… If you are my age you likely don’t have the time suck a six year old can be but you may have the stress of work, paying for college, and lack of motivation at the end of the day. And I’m sure I’d piss someone off if I didn’t add the importance of being an engaged husband.

Intitial experience.

So off we go! Easy to set up, although I’m not quite understanding the Whoop iOS app. The virtual trainer ‘kicks in’ after 4 days. I assume that is to get enough basis of my heart rate variability to create a map that is me. So for that reason I think I’ll hold off on the technical aspects.

My first experience as I took the band out of the box and realized how the charger worked was that I did not need the extra charger I paid $30 for. In my 35 minutes of research I hadn’t realized that you don’t need to plug in an actual battery to keep the strap working. The strap has an onboard battery, but that is charged very creatively by slipped on a second battery that charges via USB. I assume that a good time to charge the unit would be to slip the battery on before bed. you could then slide it off in the AM and charge it via the USB cable. In a pinch you could also walk around with the charger in place. It’s not that bulky and would be like having a GPS watch, without a face or function of a GPS watch, but you get the point.

So here I am with this charger I realized I don’t need. So I dropped a quick message to customer support via the Whoop website explaining that I realized I actually don’t need the battery and could I return it for a refund. A short couple hours later I received a reply that due to it being a battery they did not accept returns due to difficulty shipping. OK, fair answer. But then the email went on to tell me that a refund was being issued, she was sorry that I misunderstood??? And hoped I would enjoy my Whoop. If nothing else comes of this test, high marks right out the gate on customer support.

After wearing the band for several hours I can say that it’s comfortable and I am beginning to loose the sense that it’s there already. I opted for the free basic black model, and it’s just that. Basic, clean design, utilitarian.

I’ll use the band for a few days and post again. I’ll be honest about the motivation I may or may not feel simply from having a tracking device as well as how I feel the tech integrates with life and provides a health value. Right now, I’m feeling the need to go to bed as I’m not going to hit the required amount of sleep time. I’m also curious as to what my sleep will look like as I anticipate Nate, the six year old, coming into our room at around 1AM and needing sleep on my chest. I’m already feeling motivated, as it’s a bit late, to get to bed now as opposed to watching a bit of TV and eating a completely unnecessary snack… Success Day One!