Distractions are everywhere. They offer me excuses for not taking the task that really needs to be completed. It can be a huge news event that gets too much attention, a friend who needs some support but is not asking for me to stop my day, a single glass in the sink that leads to the cleaning out of the cereal drawer… because life can not go on if my son started a new box of Honey Bunches of Oats without finished the last one.

I may stack work projects in the evening, telling myself that this will give me the time needed tomorrow to get back to the challenges that need to be faced. But that was last night and now that it’s today… well my job needs me… Last nights work was an excuse and now todays simple challenges for others is the new reason to put of till tomorrow.

I don’t know how you may get through these things. Without them cratering you. I wish I could say that my distractions were me out enjoying life but they are not. In fact the guilt and turmoil I feel creates a motivational vacuum so I’ll escape to the chair in the sun with Hulu on my phone…