It’s hard to get started on things you’ve fallen behind on. It’s overwhelming and how to prioritize problematic. Realizing how humbling a lack of completion can feel. I opted to start with the smallest almost inconsequential tasks first. In hopes that completion of these small tasks would place me on the path towards undertaking the larger challenges. Ultimately with the largest issue coming last, one that will result in conflict and confrontation… the one I fear, the one that is very easy to just put off all day until it’s past business hours and needs to go to tomorrow.

The feeling of completion is extremely satisfying. It’s like clearing an inbox of emails you dread to confront. The imagined weight considerably greater than the pressure reality produces. For me, that is especially true with personal confrontation, whether wrong or right. I will put it off until such time that resolution becomes more difficult and my task harder, as putting it off placed me in the wrong. Now I not only have the difficult task at hand but I’ve placed myself at a great disadvantage, see where I’m going???