Well, this is it… Day One. It’s hard to consider this as the first of a daily post and not as the prologue to this site. But let’s get it started… I hate New Year’s Day.

There is this required need to ‘reset’ sort of, looking forward to changes to make on what we may have convinced ourselves has been a good year even better. Or the happy social media posts about what a great year it’s been for this person or that. Now I will say that I do not fault them, in-fact, I’ve often complained that I don’t care about your fight with your husband over how the neighbor set their garbage can. I want to see what is too often referred to as ‘your fake life’. To people who make that statement about ‘fake life’ I call bullshit. Do you display pics on the mantle of little Johnny getting his broken leg fixed with the caption about how the ER doc was a dick? Or of your wife’s boyfriend’s house? No. So don’t put it on social media. I want to see you happy, enjoying life.

Back to what I was saying. Jan 01. The best I can tell, I have a great life. But on Jan 01 we take stock of the prior year, if you are me, we over analyze and find all the ways it could have been better. All those things you would have been happy about Dec 31 don’t mean as much. And as I get older I wonder where the year went. “How did I get here?” to steal from David Byrne. Did I work hard enough? But was it too much so that I didn’t spend enough time with the kids? Did I spend too much time with the kids that I might be a great dad but a lousy husband [yes to the latter, don’t know to the former]? Did I worry about all that and forget to take time to nurture friendships and myself so that I can be a well adjusted to do all the things I stated earlier better? How many opportunities to have fun did I turn down because I felt some sort of responsibility to something unseen? What The Fuck Am I Actually Talking About?

Parties, happy families, the required sense of optimism that we all know will fade Jan 02… at least for me. But it’s right there pushed in your face. And what does it all mean? What is it all for? I Hate New Year’s Day

Quick on the literal of today…. Cleaned the garage, got to play at the creek with a Tenkara fishing pole my oldest two kids got me for Christmas, enjoyed the other typical tasks of a typical day that go unnoticed. Best part of the day? My six year old. After bath, given the opportunity for 20 minutes of TV from mom he chose building a Hot Wheels track with dad… That right there, in the end, is what we get up for.